Indian Game of Thrones: Rise and fall of powerful families: Rise of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty


1917: Indira Nehru, political heir of Jawaharlal Nehru takes birth in Allahabad to live a lonely childhood.

1930: Dramatic entry of Feroze ‘Ghandy’, Parsi politician into Nehru family relations. Feroze changes to ‘Gandhi’ under influence of M.K. Gandhi.

1933: Feroze Gandhi, in his early 20s,  proposes to young Indira, gets rejected by both Indira and her mother, having Indira’s age just 16, grows closer to her family.

1936: Kamala Nehru, sincere and obedient wife of Nehru dies to Tuberculosis in Switzerland. Indira stayed there to see her ailing mother.

1937: Indira moves to Britain for further education.

1937-1964: Abdullah family enjoys its rise under the political influence and mercy of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru to maintain his deaf ears for Abdullahs throughout his life.

1940: Ill Indira tries to escape through portugal once Nazis occupied most of the Europe, gets stranded in the way and somehow manages to reach Britain, where she had maintained relations with Feroze.

1941: Entry of Indira into Indian politics.

1942 March: Indira Priyadarshini Nehru gets married to Feroze Jehangir Gandhi by Hindu ceremony and traditions.

1942: Muhammad Ali Jinnah plays no role in Quit India Movement, Sardar provokes large crowds against the British ignoring his sickness, which further leads the civil unrest, Nehru not in favor for the movement, INC leaders including the Gandhi couple, M.K. Gandhi, J.M. Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel get imprisoned, resulting the movement to a failure.

1944: Beauty of life in the blood rage of the world. Birth of political grand heir Rajiv Gandhi amidst the tension of India and the world.

1945: Netaji Subhash Chadra Bose, left wing of Congress, leads Azad Hind Fauj with the help of Japanese to uproot the British. The war hero dies in a dramatic death, acclaimed as a conspiracy against him from either the British or INC. Netaji still a big name for the Japanese sentiments, admired by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

1946: Feroze Gandhi becomes managing editor of The National Herald news paper, mouthpiece of INC.

1946: Birth of baby Sanjiv Gandhi.

1947: A Converted Shia Muslim, kathiyavadi Gujarati Muhammad Ali Jinnah succeeds to gain his own Pakistan on bases of religion. Gujarat exports Jinnah family and a Nehru-Gandhilike Bhutto family to Pakistan.

1947: Nehru escapes a murder in Pakistan in a car.

1947: Nehru heeds Gandhi to force Sardar Patel to step down, to establish Nehru as PM of India. Sardar became the Deputy PM and home minister.

1947: Sardar patel begins the near impossible unification of 562 kingdoms, succeeds, honored as the Iron man of India.

1947: Nehru, angry over Sardar’s fame, constructive hard work and success, against his objection, takes over Kashmir policy, his failure still keeps Kashmir burning, legacy or revenge of the outcast Kashmiri Pandit Motilal Nehru, father of Jawaharlal Nehru. Leads Kashmiri pandits to move to Hindi heartland in future decades.

1947-1950: Despite not in favor of Indian partition for a separate Muslim country, right wing Sardar maintains his liberal view for Muslims and continues working for their well-being.

1947-1950: Vision differences between Nehru and Patel. Nehru ignores serious advises of Sardar on China-Pakistan and Kashmir. Ill-legacy of which is still one of the top reasons of possible world war III.

1947-1964: Indira Gandhi serves as PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s personal assistant and hostess. Yet passive for mainstream politics.

1948: Gandhi, contrary to Sardar’s wish to avoid a public political battle with Nehru in newly formed India, directs him to stay a part of the government.

1948: Nathuram Godse of Hindu Mahasabha hung to death for honour killing of Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi upon his role for favoring Muslims in the bloody partition of India. Sardar being the last person to spoke to him before the assassination, becomes a scapegoat for media and some politicians. Despite having liberal vision of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, Sardar bans these institutions. Nehru and other leaders come forward to Sardar’s defense. Mahatma being the aura of the trinity Nehru, Gandhi and Patel, Sardar being low at health, gives Nehru tremendous power over Indian politics.

1948: Nehru establishes Atomic Energy commission of India in order to invent Nuclear weapons.

1950: Nehru pressurized Rajendra Prasad to decline to be India’s first president in favor of Rajgopalachari. Having angered the Congress party, insecure Nehru seeks Sardar for a party take over in his favor, to which sardar declined, hoping that Nehru will understand that his views aren’t the law. Dr. Rajendra Prasad becomes the first president of India.

1950: Patel backed Tandon wins for Congress President against Nehru backed Kriplani on bases of ideological clash about dealing with Muslims as a minority in India. Failing at which, Gets confrontation of Sardar. Sardar discourages Nehru to resign, Nehru ignores him again.

1950: Sardar had sensed the Chinese vulnerability, wrote letters to Nehru about how China doesn’t consider India a friend despite India’s friendly approach towards the Chinese. Patel advises him to maintain harmony with Tibet for better Indian economy and regional peace. Nehru turns deaf to Sardar. Nehru to sleep peacefully ignoring Patel’s advise for sending troops against China. China takes over Tibet with merely 40,000 troops.

1950: The emotionally exhausted Iron man, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, having his best friend Gandhi departed from the world loses his hard fought battle against illness to his second heart attack. His great admiration recognized in 2014, surprisingly by his political opponents RSS and BJP.

1954: Nehru signs a five principal agenda with china.

1955: Nehru escapes a murder from a knife in Maharashtra by a ricksaw puller.

1955: Nehru was awarded Bharat Ratna while alive, Sardar having to wait till 2014.

1956: Nehru escapes a death by stone pelting mob in Maharashtra.

1959: The Chinese arrive to Indian borders. Tensions rise between India and China.

1959: Indira Gandhi becomes the President of Indian National Congress keeping ‘the chairs’ running from Nehru-Gandhi family.

1960: The death of  Ferezoe Gandhi by his second heart attack in Delhi.

1960: Edwina mountbatten dies in her sleep of unknown causes, releasing Nehru from their platonic relationship acknowledged by her daughter, Nehru sends two destroyers to accompany her body at her burial at the sea.

1961: Nehru escapes a failed bombing attempt on the tracks of Maharashtra.

1961: Nehru plays a big role in the foundation of The Non-Aligned movement, becomes a hero for UN. Nehru also found IIM, IIT, AIMS, NIT. Founder of five yearly development programs for Indian government. He maintains foreign policies of maintaining good relations with USA and Russia both despite their approach to woo India during the cold war.

1962: “Hindi Chini bhai bhai” famous slogan cheered by Nehru becomes a mockery of India. The Chinese dragon attacks with an army of 80,000 outnumbering the Indians eight to one. Jawaharlal accepts the defeat on radio. His complete ignorance of Sardar Patel’s decade ago vision and then media, politicians’ remarks brings shame to India. The Chinese stop declaring seize-fire. India loses Aksai Chin and several parts of Arunachal Pradesh. Jawaharlal, doesn’t resign morally after all of these blunders, sacks his defense minister. His love for chair continues.

1964: Having been betrayed by the Chinese and ill health, the architect of India, glamorous and favorite of the children, ‘Chacha’ Nehru rests to peace after his five decade long struggle for Indian power, further leaving his daughter Indira, his lovers Shraddha Mata, and Padmaja Naidu and boys Rajiv and Sanjiv Gandhi to mourn.


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