Rise of communalism in India


1947: British India splits into India-Pakistan on bases of religion. Millions of Hindus and Muslims die or get killed due to migration and riots. Pakistan becomes a Muslim state with Muslim majority while India becomes a secular state with Hindu majority.

1971: Pakistan splits into Pakistan-Bangladesh.

1975-2014: Era of Abdullah family in Jammu and Kashmir through NC (National Conference), state with its disputed boundaries and major conflicts including two Indo-Pak and one Indo-Sino wars. J&K had been under Abdullah family’s rule for 30 years with Sheikh Abdullah, son Farooq Abdullah and grandson Omar Abdullah all three being the chief ministers.

1985-1995: Migration of Hindu Kashmiri pandits to Hindi heartland due to loss of power in J&K.

1992: Destruction of Babari Mosque by BJP-Shivsena. Hindu-Muslim tension rises in all over India.

1999-2017: Terrorist group ISIS rises in Middle East, being the richest religious terrorist group with access to weaponry, oil, power, and money due to the seize of Syria and Iraq. Millions of Muslims migrate to Europe, may further help rise of Muslims in Europe in decades to come.

2001-2014: Modi swore in as the new CM of Gujarat, as a part of the rise of BJP in Gujarat for nearly three decades.

2001: Massive earthquake in Gujarat creates heavy destruction, slums rise.

2002: Massive riots in Gujarat between Hindus and Muslims, Muslims having heavy casualties, driving them to migrate to other lands, slums. The double hit from earthquake and riots bring depression among the Muslims. JDU edges out from the sitting government in order to appease larger Muslim vote bank in Bihar, considering BJP’s same possible approach in Bihar. Nitish Kumar as the face of JDU publicly hates Narendra Modi.

2009-2014: Major alleged secular party INC (Indian National Congress) gets exposed in the biggest scams of Indian history such as 2G gate, Coal gate, Commonwealth games gate etc.

2013-2014: Gujarat’s working BJP CM Narendra Damodardas Modi begins effective campaigning for state assembly against the sitting pm and Gandhi family, eyeing at the Loksabha 2014 elections as a PM candidate.

2014: Modi wins third time as Gujarat’s cm, fixing his PM candidature from BJP.

2014: Hindu representative political party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) comes to power with the working CM of Gujarat since 13 years as PM on various issues like corruption, development, Hindutva.

2014: BJP enjoys absolute majority of 272 seats on its own and NDA with 339 seats without its key ally JDU on bases of religious politics..

2014: BJP comes to power in alliance in J&K with PDP on promises of development and rehabilitation of Hindu Kashmiri pandits back to J&K.

2014-2017: BJP maintains development as a key focus for 3 years.

2014-2017: Rise of Communalisastion in India at this stage could prove bad for its economics, for Modi’s communal face can spoil his development agenda and India can be deprived of investments further carrying legacy of corruption, poverty, outcast and ignorance from the world community.

2017: Year of the India’s largest state UP. service INC seek Muslim votes from pro Muslim party SP. Muslim votes may split due to power settlement of governing party SP. BJP alleged for provoking split in SP. SP allies with the corrupt party INC to maintain their existence and emergence.

2016: Reservation movements are provoked all over country to break Hindu vote bank into castes, to stop BJP from developing a large Hindu vote bank that excludes caste bases. BJP’s mother organisation RSS helps unification of the Hindus and provokes Hinduism as Nationalism. AAP, JDU, BSP, JDU try to appease Patel reservation movement in order to rise. Hardik Patel tries to ally with JDU, TMC, AAP leaders. Parties like SP, NC maintain mild silence. 

2016: BJP enjoys suppression of the movement and rises in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Hariyana and Rajasthan, states with reservation issues with their major castes asking for their breakthrough into reservations.

2017: Pro hindutva sentiments are provoked among people now that BJP has been successfully maintaining its image of an anti-corrupt, pro-business and transparent government with apparently no major scam exposes and moves like demonetisation. BJP gives no Muslim face any ticket. 

2017 November-February: Terror funding stops for some months due to demonetisation because of its heavy cash dependency. Peace in Jammu-Kashmir vally. Most of Muslim business is alleged to be in cash and wire. Economic inflows of Middle Eastern Islam put to a hold. Muslim representative parties like AAP, SP, INC, RJD, TMC, CPI, NC, AIMIM fight bitterly against the government on black money card drive. AIMIM publicly declares demonetisation as an Anti-Muslim move. However JDU supports demonetisation as a development face sincs RJD takes the Muslim vote bank. Opposing demonetisation means surpression of JDU from BJP.

2017 February: J&K state’s ex NC cm pacifies Anti-India elements with religious sentiments. Right time for provocation as BJP tries to maintain its Pro-Hindu image for UP assembly elections win and Kashmiri pandit rehabilitation. NC sawing the seeds for major Kashmir conflicts to create power and vote bank in J&K. Major Indian parties solely condemn this new politics.


* One fights against the strong and allies with the weak. Muslims have been fighting with Hindus politically to maintain their power and prosperity. While Muslims have no apparent threat from the Christians, they decide to maintain peace. Christians decide to maintain peace for better harmony with their mild spread into backward classes.

* A religion spreads when its people get rich and prosper. For example rise of the Muslims of Middle East into world boosting from oil economy.

* Hinduism continues to rise under BJP governed states. Castes equation may change and may bring backwards into mainstream India if BJP continues to be pro poor and not racist changing from their representation of Hindu upper castes and Hindu middleclass in past. Modi’s backward caste face helps BJP maintain this ideology.

* Riots push a society one economic phase lower. For example fall of middle class Muslims into Neo-middle class in Gujarat. They lose hold of power due to lack of funding and polarization of the Hindu votes.

* While BJP enjoys majority in major Hindi heartland, Muslims may compromise with Hindu power for dependency for business and service from the state. BJP succeeds to create a strong local base of votes from all the classes. Muslims have lived in peace and harmony with Hindus for the decade in BJP governed states. BJP has always maintained peace in their empire while doing riot politics in the other states.

* NC tries to provoke civil war like environment in J&K, coloring the Anti-India movement with Pro-Muslim sentiments. The successful outcome of which may bring the issue on the international level, making way for China-Pakistan’s provocation of war against India. As a counter strategy of India’s provocation of civil war in Baluchistan to break Pakistan, just as 1971 Bangladesh’s liberation in order for regional peace and rise of India.

* With the rise of ISIS and Muslim hatred in world community and rise of Trump, and insertion of terrorist organisation of ISIS into J&K, BJP may continue to enjoy its ideological war against Indian Muslims, to both prevent them into being mainstream Muslim country and raise them as Pro-India and unite against ISIS and Pakistan.

* Muslims of India may corner themselves from Middle-Eastern Muslims with a mild corruption of ideology among the community for few decades. Helping their rise and current position in India.


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