Indian Game of Thrones: Rise and fall of powerful families: Plot of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty rise


1857: Massive upheaval in India caused by then age failed India’s freedom fight against the British.

1861: Kashmiri Pandit and a Chief Police Officer under Mughal monarch in then Delhi, Gangadhar Nehru died, poor from migration to Delhi losing all his assets in a mutiny, unlucky enough not to see his legacy of six generations to current age. His youngest child, Motilal Nehru, was born posthumously, three months later.

1870: King of Jaipur dies, forcing sitting CM Nandalal Nehru, elder brother of Motilal Nehru, to move to Agra, city of Tajmahal, with his family to practice law, later moving to Allahabad to become a lawyer.

1900: Motilal Nehru as a emerging lawyer with rich contacts and sole breadwinner of the house, builds property.

1909: Motilal Nehru reaches to peak of his career through British courts, having finished his education at University of Cambridge. Becomes social outcast from his own orthodox caste.

1913: Jawaharlal Nehru indulges in movements in South Africa against British atrocities along with M.K. Gandhi.

1914: First world war breaks out.

1914-1916: Entry of lawyer Jawaharlal Nehru, son of Motilal Nehru and his second wife, into Indian politics who found a century long empire of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

1916: Jawaharlal Nehru indulges in Lucknow pact 1916: Hindu-Muslim unity against the British to pursue freedom and therefore local power.

1919: Motilal Nehru launches a news paper, his wealth increases under political influence of M.K Gandhi by his own political activities, becomes President of Indian National Congress in Allahabad.

1923-1933: Motilal Nehru becomes leader of opposition at Central Legislative Assembly and later the President of INC in Calcutta.

1927: International recognition of Indian freedom struggle in Belgium.

1930s: Congress and Nehru continue to dominate Indian politics against its political rival All India Muslim League lead by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

1936: Kamala Nehru, Jawaharlal’s activist wife dies of tuberculosis in a sanatorium in Switzerland, releasing him from a rather unpleasant marriage.

1939: Second world war breaks out. 

1940: All India Muslim League passes a resolution in Lahore for a separate Muslim state Pakistan (the land of the pure) fearing Hindu dominance in unified India.

1940s: Opportunist Jawaharlal supports M.K. Gandhi’s call for immediate nationwide movement against the British despite his desires for Indian involvement in world war two as a free country with the allies. Nehru was found of France for its culture and power.

1942: Quit India movement fails as INC leadership was imprisoned overnight before public outbreak.

1943-1944: Jinnah rises but falls on the Bengal famine crisis, Pro-INC sentiments rise in Indian Muslims. Jinnah gets support when only Gandhi was released. Gandhi provides silent support to Jinnah on separate Pakistan. Jinnah rises again.

1945: Buying an elephant is rather economical than its maintenance. Allies win the bloody world war two crushing Hitler and other axis powers. Bankrupt evil British empire moves towards decolonisation.

1946: Bankruptcy of Britain, civil unrest of India, mutiny of the Royal Indian Navy lead the British to fix the date 15 August, 1947 for India’s independence. 

1947: The rise of democratic Republic of India, the last Nehru delivers his great speech, when world sleeps by midnight, India awakes to life and freedom.

1947: Power settlement fails between Nehru-Gandhi led INC and Jinnah led All India Muslim League. Bloody partition of British India begins. Cunning Jinnah enjoys absolute power gain from little to lose.

1947: Jawaharlal Nehru becomes the first prime minister of India. M.k. Gandhi portrayed as Father of the nation.

1947Muhammad Ali Jinnah becomes the first Governor-General of Pakistan. Liyaqat Ali Khan the prime minister who got assassinated in 1951 inaugurating bloodshed Pakistani politics. 


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