Indian Game of Thrones: Rise and fall of powerful families: Rise of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

FACTS 1917: Indira Nehru, political heir of Jawaharlal Nehru takes birth in Allahabad to live a lonely childhood. 1930: Dramatic entry of Feroze 'Ghandy', Parsi politician into Nehru family relations. Feroze changes to 'Gandhi' under influence of M.K. Gandhi. 1933: Feroze Gandhi, in his early 20s, ¬†proposes to young Indira, gets rejected by both Indira... Continue Reading →


Indian Game of Thrones: Rise and fall of powerful families: Plot of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty rise

FACTS 1857: Massive upheaval in India caused by then age failed India's freedom fight against the British. 1861: Kashmiri Pandit and a Chief Police Officer under Mughal monarch in then Delhi,¬†Gangadhar Nehru died, poor from migration to Delhi losing all his assets in a mutiny, unlucky enough not to see his legacy of six generations... Continue Reading →

Rise of communalism in India

FACTS 1947: British India splits into India-Pakistan on bases of religion. Millions of Hindus and Muslims die or get killed due to migration and riots. Pakistan becomes a Muslim state with Muslim majority while India becomes a secular state with Hindu majority. 1971: Pakistan splits into Pakistan-Bangladesh. 1975-2014: Era of Abdullah family in Jammu and... Continue Reading →

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